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We often have homeowners call to ask us about the best way to care for their existing vinyl siding. Typically, homeowners will see a build-up of algae or grime/dirt on their vinyl siding over time. While this doesn’t typically impact the functionality of the siding, it can be an eyesore to homeowner...

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Advanced Restorations has had the pleasure of completing projects for homeowners that owned immaculate properties.  We’ve seen amazing landscaping, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking views.  On the other hand, we’ve also completed projects for homeowners that were, without being too...

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Whether you are purchasing a new home, planning to renovate your current home, or attempting to diagnose water stains that are appearing inside your home – there are several areas on the roofing system that have the potential to be problem areas.  A surefire way to diagnose possible problems is...

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