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We are hiring full time field supervisors. Read the description below and contact us today if you would like to be apart of a great team!

What we're looking for

We are looking for field supervisors that are willing to learn about storm damage and being able to identify it properly. What we mean by this is that we are looking for self motivated individuals are looking to be a part of a team. Not any team of course, but a strong team that always has each other's back and makes money together. This position will allow for flexible hours and amazing pay checks. The work picks up in the Spring and dies in the Fall, but this is still a year round position.
Great Pay

Competitive Pay Structure.

Leads Provided

Internet and telephone leads will provided.

Flexible Hours

Work as many hours as you want and when you want.

Part of an Amazing Team

Field supervisors are part of a strong team that likes to work together to bring in great sales and large paychecks.

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